Maui Nei – Authentic Hawaiian Cultural Tours

Friends of Moku‘ula and its partner tour program, Maui Nei, work closely with schools across Maui to immerse students and educators in the cultural heritage landscape of the town of Lahaina and Native Hawaiian site of Moku‘ula.

We believe this effort helps to preserve and perpetuate Hawaiian culture, cultivate spiritual practices in a new generation, strengthen and encourage a stewardship ethic that will benefit our youth as they grow into the leaders of tomorrow.

 We also strive to share Native Hawaiian history, customs and the stories behind Lahaina’s significant sites, in partnership with local historical and cultural organizations, to educate adult members of our community.

Together, Friends of Moku‘ula and Maui Nei have kept history and culture alive for Maui’s residents and visitors. Since 2000 …


Hawai‘i residents and visitors have learned about the Moku‘ula Restoration Projects from Friends of Moku‘ula staff at conferences and events statewide.


visitors have experienced a guided Maui Nei walking tour of Lahaina’s historic sites, including Moku‘ula and Mokuhinia.


residents, teachers and students have received educational tours and presentations at the Moku‘ula restoration site.


volunteers have contributed 5,000 hours to Moku‘ula programs for site clean-ups, plantings and cultural immersion.


UH Maui College students have participated in Ka ‘I‘imi ‘Ike Archaeology Field School program at Moku‘ula.

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