Paradise Television Network recently completed a video episode for the Friends of Moku‘ula on its statewide high-definition channel, Scenic Hawaii HD Channel 1001. The new video is part of “Focus on: Maui” programming that airs daily throughout the Hawaiian Islands and is entitled, Moku‘ula – Uncovering Maui’s Hidden History.

Now you can catch the behind-the-scenes story of Moku‘ula island and Mokuhinia pond in interviews with Blossom Feiteira, Executive Director of Friends of Moku‘ula, Tanya Lee-Greig, Maui Island Director for Cultural Surveys Hawai‘i, and Kimo Falconer, President of the Board for Friends of Moku‘ula.

The video also provides a current look at the Moku‘ula restoration site and the archaeological inventory that has been taking place in 2015 and 2016. If you believe the restoration of this paramount Hawaiian cultural heritage site should continue so the glory returns to Moku‘ula, please contact us or your local County of Maui and State of Hawai‘i representatives.